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Stainless Steel Industry Is Facing New Imbalance In Product Supply And Demand Structure Imbalance

Time:21 November 2016 Click:227

At present, the production capacity surplus situation of China's stainless steel industry is still grim. Many foreign countries have anti-dumping investigations of Chinese stainless steel products. Foreign anti-dumping investigations on Chinese stainless steel products are frequent, in addition to protecting the domestic industry of their own countries, which also reflects the phenomenon that the domestic stainless steel enterprises produce mass and cheap stainless steel products while the high value-added products are lacked. Low-end product homogeneity is serious, and some key high-end stainless steel varieties are dependent on imports. Therefore, the stainless steel industry is facing a new contradiction from the new product supply and demand imbalance.


In view of China's stainless steel seamless pipe and other domestic and foreign production to face the double dilemma, the blind pursuit of the decline in production capacity can hardly  solve the stainless steel production capacity effectively. In fact, local government can go in the process, to go to production capacity and reduce the combination of corporate sewage. Stainless steel enterprises’ operating rate is very high, if the stainless steel production capacity and sewage are combined, that is mandatory emission of pollutants and energy consumption of large stainless steel enterprises to exit or reform, not only to solve the problem of capacity, but also to solve some of the sewage problem.

And for the loss of hope after the withdrawal of stainless steel enterprises to pay off the debt and the placement of workers, the debt of stainless steel enterprises to withdraw, for the original land and related assets, banks can make the relevant treatment. The problem of laid-off workers in state-owned enterprises has been relatively weak, and the relevant provisions should be amended so that the employees of state-owned enterprises can change the concept of not being laid off from state-owned enterprises, and more choose their own jobs.