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We have cooperated with customers from around the world like the United States, India, Ethiopia, Oman, Hungary, Myanmar, etc. Our products are well-applied in many international projects, enjoying a good reputation.

  • Goods to United States
    Goods to United States2018.03.05

    This is our factory goods to the United States for a public company, mainly for marine and pipeline transportation, we have been working together for five years.

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  • First Customer in Hungary
    First Customer in Hungary2018.03.05

    Hungarian customers is our first export customer of this country, they are the first customers find our factory through the website and then make an order. But I want the customer's address to send sa...

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  • Product Ship to Oman
    Product Ship to Oman2018.03.05

    Oman through a client's site last year to find our factory, we offer free samples twice. Through the chemical elements of the sample, tensile strength, elongation, hardness testing, comply with the ap...

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  • Customers from Ethiopia
    Customers from Ethiopia2018.03.05

    Ethiopia African countries customers, through receipt of satisfactory samples, the first customer orders 18T try, due to product quality and price customers are more satisfied, after six months of usi...

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  • India Customers for 138T Products
    India Customers for 138T Products2018.03.05

    Saudi Arabia's customers in India introduce customers to buy our products. Since product quality is assured, the first order 56T. At that time because customers want these products more anxiously, our...

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