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Application of Stainless Steel Precision Casting Technology to Enhance the Rapid Development of the

Stainless steel precision casting technology in China after a long history of change and progress: China is in the last century, the fifties and sixties began to investment casting applied to industrial production. Since then, this advanced casting process has been greatly developed and widely used in the manufacturing industries such as aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, telecommunications equipment, weapons, medical equipment and knives, etc., The manufacture of art.

Stainless steel precision casting or investment casting, silica sol technology. According to the report published in the hall of China's stainless steel precision casting industry market research report shows that stainless steel precision casting is a less cutting or no cutting of the casting process, casting industry is an excellent technology, its application is very wide, not only for In 
various types of various alloys, casting, but also to produce casting size precision, surface quality than other casting methods to high, and even difficult to cast the other casting method of complex, high temperature, not easy to process the castings can be used Investment casting precision cast.

In the process of continuous improvement of enterprise productivity to enhance the application, but also the strength of product development in all aspects, according to the overall quality of products driven to the overall use of the strength to enhance the overall strength of product development, combined with the use of all aspects of product performance, To more reliable quality strength, and  further promote the practical performance of the upgrade, fully reflects the application of stainless steel precision casting products, the ability to occupy the dominant position in the market for the company's overall development to provide a reliable foundation for power.
Stainless steel precision casting market to enhance the development potential and increase its overall application of the ability to continue to drive to enhance the quality of the application of capacity to improve the performance of all aspects of the performance of the continuous high-quality products to enhance the overall strength of production Enhance and further expand the practical aspects of product performance, speed up the overall strength of the product to enhance the continuous improvement of product performance is very important, can drive the continuous development of business productivity.

Precision casting plant needs to improve the quality of stainless steel precision castings, the product market share is very important in the use of its reliable application of the advantages of the effect, to continue to strengthen the application of all aspects of the performance of strength to a comprehensive and reliable application effect , To further accelerate the practical application of product performance improvement and development.

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