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Applications of Stainless Steel Band

Products Used in Oil & Gas Industry:
Stainless Steel Band
Stainless Steel Buckles
13 Colors of Powder Coated Stainless Steel Band
Black PPA Coated Banding
Stainless Steel Wing Seals



Bundling of automation and electrical tubing to pipe on drilling and production platforms.
Coupling of undersea pipelines using band and poly saddles.

Construction Industry Applications for Stainless Steel Banding

Products used:construction

Stainless Steel Band and Stainless Steel Buckles
Bigger Stainless Steel Band and Stainless Steel Buckles
Painted Band and Black Coated Buckles

Directional drilling is a trench-less method of installing power cables, water, gas and oil lines, to name a few, underground. This type of installation is traditionally used in places where the installation of overhead lines would have complications that would cause higher cost or affect environmental safety. For example, a few years ago at a location close to New Orleans on the Mississippi River, overhead electrical wires were replaced with underground cables.


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