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Business: Stainless Steel Market Rose With Environmental Rectification (December 5, 2016 -December 9

1.The price trend 


2. Analysis of Influencing Factors 

This week, nickel kinetic energy is weak, the lack of good news guidelines, short-term or to maintain range-bound trend. But the coil market to go to production capacity, environmental protection and rectification efforts to enhance the positive promotion, the spot price rose sharply, coupled with low market inventories, traders reluctant to sell higher emotions, steel mills attitude also rose to the main. Stainless steel prices unexpectedly rose.


In summary, the steel business of the branch of stainless steel analysts believe that: a large steel plant in Jiangsu illegal construction of stainless steel smelting capacity, was severely investigated, criticized and called for immediate dismantling of production capacity and start the accountability process and other news, so that capacity to rectify Of the strict face the market, but more news, the central side intends to further reduce the supply side of stainless steel supply capacity,  completely ignited the market to lift the tide. The lack of steel production volume caused by the spot coil inventory low phenomenon, so that many traders have a reluctant sellers sentiment, the agent from the market side low-end reluctant to sell the phenomenon of stock replenishment is no longer a few. The current guidance prices climbing, the attitude of steel prices very much in words, combined with the stock market, the phenomenon of low spot short-term trend of stainless steel is still up space.

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