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China's Steel Prices Can Rise Much Of A Bull Market?

Since the second half of this year, coking coal, coke as the representative of the black commodity futures are out of the continuous rise of unilateral market, 10 months after the market volatility. As shown in the chart below, the Wind Commodity Index has stabilized after a slight correction last week. Black again broke out on Tuesday, seems to be declared to the market: not to kill me, it will make me more powerful...

On the fundamentals, more coke coke prices continue to rise, October coke production increased, but the coking coal supply gap further widened, the market is in weak demand strong pattern, supporting coal prices. A shares of the White Witch Cheng Dinghua assertion that the supply side through the cycle of its own power, China's excess capacity problem has been greatly improved, is the main reason for this round of commodities soaring.

In addition to the release of "anti-risk notification", Zheng Shang, the period, DCE asked the full implementation of the management of customer-related information filing work to ensure smooth and safe operation of the market. In addition, the three major futures exchanges on the eight categories of futures market adjustment of trading rules. These types of varieties this year rose more than 40%.

Shanghai Futures Exchange once again adjust the trading rules of copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, nickel, tin, rebar, hot-rolled coil, natural rubber and petroleum asphalt ten varieties: from 8% to 9% The amplitude limit is adjusted from 6% to 7%.

In addition, double eleven night of the thriller market so many investors called for the cancellation of the night. November 17 media reports said the domestic commodity futures exchange is considering the suspension of black varieties of night trading. Subsequently, the relevant person in the previous period that is a comprehensive assessment of the first half of the night trading hours of adjustment and the recent adoption of risk management measures the effect.

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