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Steel Prices Are Expected To Continue To Rise In A New High During The Year

Given that the capital markets rose to stimulate the strong, the domestic spot price of steel continued to show up the hundred dollars rise. The prices of major raw materials are almost equal to the new highs recorded in early November, and the price of individual medium-thick plates has broken the highs of the year. The prices of 16-25mm common carbon plates in Handan and Wuan have been adjust to USD459.9709 - USD462.8821, USD451.2373 - USD454.1485 in early November and the market price was high. Cold-rolled plates and hot-rolled coil prices in Tianjin in early November reached the year high of USD8.7336 -USD10.1892 difference between the current adjusted to USD582.2416 and USD468.7045. Three-tier rebar prices in Beijing than in early November hit a high of less than a hundred dollars.

On the whole, the domestic steel spot prices continue to be strong pattern and this will continue, the volume and price coordination and the promotion of environmental protection and pressure will continue to rise in price as the driving force, the new timber is still expected to reach a new high.

2012-2016 first half of the 304 / 2B volume monthly average price chart (Yuan/ton)

Steel Prices Are Expected To Continue To Rise In A New High During The Year

Macro, the current 31 provinces have announced the first three quarters of fixed asset investment data. According to statistics, 26 provinces in the first three quarters of fixed asset investment growth outperformed the national 8.2% growth rate. It is noteworthy that, in addition to the Beijing-Shanghai and Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other provinces, the provinces are basically higher than the investment growth rate of GDP growth over the same period.

Steel Business Branch He Hangsheng for the current black line of the market point of view, futures have turned down, a normal pullback market. And because the spot market as a result of inventory and maintenance of low steel prices, steel prices will continue to be strong, but the gains will be due to the decline in future and prices are weak.

Followed by two major trends.

If the futures market in the continuous callback within the market, the formation of large single short stampede, then the spot price rally will disappear, with the market there, and then there is Qi is the market.

If the futures callback, the industry still maintain the momentum of long-term change in the coal industry mentality unchanged, then the strong price of the stock market, the futures stabilized, and then return to normal fluctuations in the market, and then the high and volatile spot prices to the end of the year.

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