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The Difference between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steels

Carbon Steels Basic Differentiation
Low carbon steel - softer, more flexible, used in Regular Duty (RD) steel strapping
High carbon steel - harder, stiffer, used in High Tensile (HT) steel strapping where added strength is required.

Stainless Steel Basic Differentiation

Type 304 - Nickel-chromium stainless steel. For general use.
Type 316 - Nickel-chromium stainless steel with added molybdenum. For use in highly corrosive environments, e.g. shipbuilding, offshore oil rigs.
Type 201 - Nickel-chromium stainless steel with lowered nickel content & added manganese. For use where added strength is required, e.g. sign installations.exporting and business in general.
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