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Domestic Steel Prices Turn Down, The Price Of Imported Iron Ore Fell To $ 80 Mark

After rising for several weeks, the domestic spot steel prices turn down, weak demand support. Imports of iron ore after the first rose and then fell, but also "fall" has been maintained early tons of $ 80 mark.

According to the latest market report provided by China's leading steel information institution, "My Steel", the domestic spot steel price index closed at 131.26 points and fell 2.78 percent in the past week. Steel futures market is falling for several days, the larger the decline in the week. At present, some areas due to haze and temporary restrictions on the blast furnace has been lifted, steel prices have returned to normal production, weak demand in the market has become a fixed number of cases, the weak steel prices hard to change.


According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices fell sharply. Chengdu market t-week fell 340 yuan, Jinan, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other places also fell more than 200 yuan. In Shanghai and other markets, construction steel prices fell, approaching the end of the year and the end of the market capital side is also significantly tight, while black futures prices fell sharply, the market mentality turned to pessimism, the phenomenon of low-priced Paohuo emerging.

In the sheet market, prices generally fell. Hot-rolled coil prices fell sharply, the Guangzhou market t-week fell 190 yuan, Harbin, Shanghai and other places fell more than 140 yuan. In Beijing and Tianjin and other places, hot-rolled prices fell sharply, especially in the second half, or speed up the market panic state of mind reproduction. Plate prices overall decline in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other places a ton of price decline over 170 yuan, only Shenyang, Harbin, a small number of local prices rose slightly.

Iron ore market is also gradually weakening. According to the latest report, in the domestic ore market, Hebei region Tie Jingfen prices basically stable, transactions in general. Imports of ore price rose and then fell, the price of $ 80 mark was lost, as of 22, 62% grade iron ore index closed at $ 77.95 per ton, down $ 2.85 a week. Later, the global iron ore supply situation to further ease the  establishment of the overall market outlook is expected to pessimistic. Due to steel price correction, steel mills on the import of ore procurement rhythm slowed, inventory is still high in the consumption of steel-based inventory.

Relevant institutions that the rebar futures prices fell rapidly, has been the formation of the trend of spot steel prices significantly suppressed. The end of the year, terminal demand gradually shrinking, businesses generally to speed up shipments, the return of capital-based, lack of confidence in the market outlook, the short term steel prices are still facing downward pressure.

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