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201/304 Stainless Steel Strip

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Place of origin: Ningbo, China
Usage: It can be used with our stainless steel buckles and strapping tools
Main product Keywords: steel strap for manual strapping, stainless steel banding installation,china steel tension manufacturer, best steel band strapping
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201/304 Stainless Steel Strip is very prominently used in the sign industry because of their reliability, convenience and safety. Stainless steel strip is also ideal for street or parking area sign installations or in industrial facilities.
Stainless steel strip is ideal for many of these applications because they are corrosion resistant.

Unaffected by UV rays and strong enough to withstand wind and vibration. They do not absorb water and do not support the growth of bacteria or mold.

201/304 Stainless Steel Strip

a>. Various designs available
b>. Customized designs accepted
c>. Safe usage
d>. Fast shipping and great service
e>. Good quality and reasonable price

BA : Cold rolled,bright annealed and skin-passed, the product have excellent brightness and good reflexivity like mirror,kitchen apparatus,ornament etc...

Chemical composition:

201/304 Stainless Steel Strip

201/304 Stainless Steel Strip