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304/201 Flexible Stainless Steel Narrow Band/Belt

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Materials: 201,304,stainless steel
Main product Keywords: steel belts, China rolled steel, stainless steel manufacturers, best steel rolling Property: Heat resistant,acid&erosion control,good insulation
Usage: Engineering packaging, marine, power plant, port, bridge, equipment.
Certificates: ISO9001

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Type 201 Flexible Stainless Steel Narrow Band/Belt is a low nickel, high work hardening, austenitic chrominum-nickel-manganese stainless steel that was developed to conserve nickel. It does not harden with heat treatment but can be work hardened to high tensile strengths.

Type 304 Flexible Stainless Steel Narrow Band/Belt is the most common austenitic chrominum-nickel rolled coil stainless steel. It can be used in a multitude of applications.

. Construction
. Chemical Industry
. Electricity Industry

. Type-304 Stainless Steel Magnetic Properties: 304 flat rolled stainless steel is generally non-magnetic and becomes slightly magnetic only when cold-worked.
. Type-304 Stainless Steel can be easily formed into most shapes. It is possible to conduct more than one forming operation before a re-anneal if necessary.

. Type-201 Stainless Steel flat rolled coil is non-magnetic in the annealed  condition but becomes magnetic when cold-worked. In some cases,201 may be substituted for other higher nickel content alloys.

. Type-201 Stainless Steel is formable to most shapes but will work-harden disallowing the most severe forming operations unless annealed prior to forming.

304/201 Flexible Narrow steel Banding/Belt

304/201 Flexible stainless steel banding/Belt

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