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Manual Packing Stainless Steel Banding Tools

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Property: Durable construction, comfort plastic grips
Usage: Flush cutting, For high volume applications

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Stainless steel is an excellent choice when you would like to bind two items together,like when you would like to mount a metal sign on a telephone pole.This metal is durable,resistant to corrosion and will remain strong even in the harshest conditions.
Having the stainless steel bands and brackets will not be enough to achieve a secure and tight bind, however, you need a banding tool to get the proper installation.


Steel Banding -- Tensions Stainless Steel Band  19mm to 32mm
Usage -- Band Cables,pipes,hoses and more

Compatible Tools -- Sure Fast Stainless Steel Band & Buckles

Manual Packing Stainless Steel Banding Tools

Banding tool is a similar tool built to the same high quality standard  and using similar material. It weights the same at 2kg and can clamp and band width of stainless steel from 19mm up to 32mm(3/4" to 1¼"). It can apply of force and is ideal for heavy duty use on cable,pipes,conduits,hoses etc... The tool works the same by using the handle to pull the clamp away from the buckle forming tension around the application.

Do you need A Banding Tool?

Stainless provides a wide variety of tools that allow you to make the best use of stainless steel bands and other steel products. One of the greatest benefits of steel is that it is extremely strong and durable. These tools make the steel easier to use.

We offer tools that are used for banding, cutting, crimping and creating tension in stainless steel bands. Many of these tools are designed to make it easier for you use a steel band to secure or bind items safely.

Manual Packing Stainless Steel Banding Tools