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Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun/Tools

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Usage: Tie cut-off is manually operated, cable ties not include
Color: Black
Size: available 4.6mm, 7.6mm, 10mm, 12mm

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The Cable Tie Gun quickly tensions and cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, hoses, products, and users.

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun/Tools


a . Heavy duty strength provides quick cable tie cutting.
b. Ergonomic design only requires several squeezes for easy usage.
c. Convenient size and shape allows for use in hard to reach places.
d. Clean cutting edge prevents dangerously sharp cable tie ends.
e. Unique design delivers easy and effortless storage and transportation.


Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun/Tools

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