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Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tools

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Usage: Fasten easily & tightly
Place of origin: Ningbo, China
Main product Keywords: Packing machine, best cutting tools, banding tools manufacturing, manual tool manufacturer
Service: OEM is available

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This Tools is specifically designed to provide strong, secure fixing of coated or uncoated heavy and light duty stainless steel cable ties. The easy to operate cut-off mechanism trims excess cable strap when the desired tension is achieved, whilst the ergonomic cushion grip provides comfortable repeates operation.

a>. Side entry of cable ties into the tool for quick and easy installation.
b>. Automatic tension and cut-off cable tie tool capabilities.
c>. High reliability, low maintenance, long life tools.

1>. Can be used on both ball lock & ladder type stainless steel ties up to 12mm wide.
2>. Tensions stainless steel cable ties heavy duty, two stage manual tensioning tool for stainless steel cable ties with an easy to use heavy duty, two-stage tensioning operation.
3>. TPR handle and self-return spring designed of increased comfort.

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tools

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