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Stainless Steel Banding Tool

Whether you are using banding with buckles,strapping with wing-seals,or a combination there of the stainless steel clamping system is applied using purpose manufactured clamping tools.Most of these tools are unique to the stainless steel clamping system and allows for the installation of strong,durable stainless steel clamps that will remain intact for years to come.
Stainless Steel Banding Tool for bundled cable, billboards, traffic signs, pipes, ect.
This kind of packing machine is specially used for the stainless steel packing belt, has the tightening cut off function,use simple and convenient.
1.Drop forged tool with built-in cutter
2.Spring loaded gripper lever and friction-held cut off lever with grip improves ease-of-use
3.Use to apply band, strapping and free end clamps
4.Municipal road signs strapping tools
. Compact design allows for easy transportation around the job site
. Contains a built in lever and cut off tool for easy clasping and separating
. Spring loaded gripper provides easy operation and tensioning
. The tool is epoxy coated to provide durability for repeated use.
. Weight: 2KG

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